Features Used:

  • Enhance Colors (Ctrl + 1)


Even a technically flawless photo can be missing the kind of atmosphere that would make it worth viewing. But you can take a picture like that, edit it in Zoner, and give it a whole new life.


Open the picture in the Editor and use Enhance Colors in the Adjust menu. This shows the Enhance Colors controls in the Side Panel.


This step is more an art than a science. Fortunately the sliders here are fairly self-explanatory, making work with them go quickly. The first three options, RedGreen, and Blue, add or subtract that color in the picture. Hue shifts all the picture’s colors towards one of their neighboring colors. Large shifts to Hue will give bizarre results.

Raise or lower Saturation to make the picture’s colors fuller or less full.

Contrast and Gamma change the relations among the picture’s colors, while Brightness andLightness mainly brighten or darken them. Lightness, unlike Brightness, brightens even dark colors.


This filter is mainly a good way to make a variety of changes to a picture’s colors all in the same place.


Take for example this picture of a forest.


By raising contrast, adding blue and green, and reducing saturation, we get a much more dramatic picture.


Raising lightness and gamma and drawing down the blue, meanwhile, gives us a more optimistic picture.


What You’ve Learned

  • How the settings in Enhance Colors work
  • How to quickly change a picture’s overall coloring

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